Engaged on Black Sand Beach in Iceland

6 thoughts on “Engaged on Black Sand Beach in Iceland”

  1. Love this story and the photos are amazing.
    Your ring is so unique I can’t wait to see what KJS will look like.
    Now I want to go to Iceland! PS, the customer service at Black Pearl seems really special. I know where I would stay if I ever traveled that way.


  2. Even though you knew – it’s still such an exciting and special moment!!! And it sounds like you didn’t know it would be at that exact moment! I love that you’re so sure of what you want and are happy and confident to make it everything you want!! We had a small wedding (75 ppl) and I loved how intimate it was! Congrats again!!


    1. Thanks so much! I’m really excited about having a smaller-ish wedding that will allow me to speak and interact with everyone there!


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