The Best Places to Spot Alligators Around Tampa

8 thoughts on “The Best Places to Spot Alligators Around Tampa”

  1. These pictures are amazing! We’re going to be in Jacksonville and Savannah area in November. I’ve been reading up on all your St. Augustine and other Florida posts!


    1. Thanks so much, Nina! St. Augustine is such an awesome place. You will love it there! If you have any questions about the area or want any specific recommendations, feel free to reach out! 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for your blog. You were right, Circle B is absolutely amazing! I even got up at 5am and went back the next day and it was like a whole other place. I really enjoyed it, and its peace and quiet!!!

    Thanks again Emily


    1. Dave, I’m so happy that you found this article to be helpful. I’m even happier that you enjoyed Circle B – it’s such a fascinating place. The reserve is a dream for us wildlife lovers. Enjoy!


  3. I found your site and looked for the closest one near where I’m staying. Just got back from Lettuce Lake Park and saw an 8 to 10 foot gator. A few smaller ones around 3 to 4 feet too. Turtles, snakes and fish. It’s well worth going. Only $2 for parking.


    1. Hi, Len! I’m so happy you enjoyed Lettuce Lake and spotted all kinds of wildlife! It’s a beautiful park to enjoy. If you’re back around the area in late October or November, I highly suggest visiting the park again and enjoying some fall foliage and cooler temps.


    1. Hi, Mark! Boyd Hill, Sawgrass Lake, and Lettuce Lake are very popular parks for families with kids. There are wide trails and boardwalks to enjoy.


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