An Underrated FL Jewel Known as Hillsborough River State Park

When many people think of Florida, they imagine sandy shorelines or beautiful springs. While Florida certainly boasts a wide selection of beaches and fresh water springs, the state also is host to some beautiful rapids at Hillsborough River State Park. These rapids might not be huge, but they sure are beautiful. Oh, and Florida’s rapids have a unique twist to them – they are surrounded by alligators.

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Breakfast in Reykjavík

Of all the memories I have from my time in Iceland, some of my favorites include moments spent in amazing restaurants in Reykjavík. We’d set off for our daily journey by walking throughout the city in the late morning light (or at times, morning darkness) and stumble into warm eateries that we had heard were worth the visit. *Updated* Since I first wrote this post, I’ve been back to Iceland multiple times. I’ve now edited this post to include photos and experiences from multiple trips to Reykjavík. 

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My First Experience With Airbnb

By now, you’ve most likely heard of Airbnb. Perhaps, you’ve even rented a place to stay at on this famous site. I decided to experiment with renting a place on their app when I traveled to California last summer. Why not experience the glory that is Airbnb in the very state the business was created? So, I downloaded the app, created an account, and began my search.

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A Summer Day at Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park

For my birthday in late July I decided to visit some of the beautiful praries we have in Florida. We started our first hike fairly early in the morning. We hadn’t walked for long when we came across this beautiful deer eating breakfast. She didn’t mind in the least that we were walking down the trail. It was a great wildlife encounter and a great start to my birthday adventure!

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Moose Encounters at Teton National Park

This photo was taken on our fist day in Wyoming. We had unpacked at the hotel and decided to drive around to get the lay of the land. I could see something off in the distance and was certain it was some type of ungulate, but I couldn’t make out exactly what it was. The animal happened to be in close distance to a parking lot, so we drove down a curvy road and parked the car.

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