My Favorite Breakfast & Brunch Spot in Reykjavík — Bergsson Mathús

When you are craving a large, satisfying breakfast or brunch in the Reykjavík area, head to Bergsson Mathús. Friendly staff will be waiting to greet you in this cozy café, and the smell of fresh bread will awaken your senses. While this café offers a variety of options to choose from, including delicious pastries, I … Continue reading My Favorite Breakfast & Brunch Spot in Reykjavík — Bergsson Mathús

Dinner in Reykjavík

One of my favorite parts about traveling is getting to try new-to-me restaurants, cafés, and street food. Here, I share a few of my favorite places to eat dinner at in Reykjavík. Originally, this post only talked about where I ate dinner at on my first visit to Iceland. I’ve updated this post to reflect some of my favorite dinner spots I’ve ate at over my multiple trips to Reykjavík.

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Breakfast in Reykjavík

Of all the memories I have from my time in Iceland, some of my favorites include moments spent in amazing restaurants in Reykjavík. We’d set off for our daily journey by walking throughout the city in the late morning light (or at times, morning darkness) and stumble into warm eateries that we had heard were worth the visit. *Updated* Since I first wrote this post, I’ve been back to Iceland multiple times. I’ve now edited this post to include photos and experiences from multiple trips to Reykjavík. 

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